GGF has a large network in the European and international development sector. This network consists of: entrepreneurs/companies, NGO's, Universitirs, banks and investors. We can help you find your potential partners across the Globe.

Building bridges across borders


The Global Governance Organisation (GGF), registered in the Kingdom of Belgium since 2011, is a trusted partner for many investors, both in Europe as well in Africa. With a team of experienced senior advisory consultants they are advising their trusted partners and world’s top investment structures.

GGF will guide you throughout the process while we also strive economic viability with our practical and creative advice. Below our services in three categories.

  • Academy: In a close partnership with our corporate partners we offer client specific training and education related to the specific project or entrepreneurial challenges
  • Development: Creating long-term value for our trusted partners through support in developing and implementing growth opportunities between Governments, Non- Governmental organizations and corporate or financial structures
  • Innovation: Various initiatives and ventures started over the last 20 year's. The common denominator is to make this world a better place for all

GGF executives have many years’ of experience in financial investments mostly cross-connecting investors from Europe, Africa and Asian countries.

Good Governance

Good governance at all levels is fundamental to economic growth, political stability, a cornerstone of democratic stability and security as well as a conditional asset for achieving sustainable development.

GGF works to tackle many aspects of weak governance  and to promote full respect of the rule of law, increase transparency, and develop effective legislation as the foundation of a functioning State


Main purpose of GGF is to promote the Education and Development of young people and adults through activities in education, training, culture, nonviolence, interculturality, solidarity, human rights, active citizenship, international cooperation, and promote services thus contributing to human and civil growth at individual, community and world levels.


GGF’s experts assists you in realising your viable project ideas. Our experienced and international orientated staff provides assistance in developing your initial project idea into a professional and bankable business plan that will attract funding from local, bilateral and multilateral agencies. GGF structures your business concept in a constructive and creative manner, while maintaining focus on your project. We are result-driven and prepare business plans that comply with the high standards and requirements of the financial institutions. GGF makes use of a structural approach that assures you of the best preparation and management implementation of your project this before, during and after completion of your projects.

Feasibility Studies

GGF prefers to undertake a feasibilty study before following up on your conceptual idea. This study will provide you with an overall view of your project and an assessment of its merits. Your project feasibility can be examined on different scales. GGF would determine in consultation with you its scope so that it meets your requirements best. In most cases we are also able to find the funding that is needed to reduce the costs for these feasibility studies.

Planning & Strategizing

Converting an idea or project into realisation can prove to be quite a challenge. However, we are there to ssist you in setting up a structured methodology so that potential investors can take a well informed decision.

GGF provides guidance in setting-up and implenting the most fitting strategy for your project funding. This often involves a combination of the chain approach, internationalisation, innovation, investment and the increasing :necessity" of providing business in a social responsible manner. We have gained many years of international experience.

Project Management

We may require project management solutions. We are capable of providing you with exactly that. We are in favour of implementing project agreements that provide clarity for both involved parties. This would include the content, lenght, costs and desired project outcomes. Oure team has a large amount of experience with international projects in emerging and developing economies. Our experts are frequently involved in the coordination or management of the project implementation after the project has been approved and the funding has been arranged.


          Dr Elysée Munyoka

 Director UN SDG Projects

Medical Doctor, studied at the University of Mbujimayi - DRC (1998-2007), Gent (2014-2017) and obtained with high distinction a degree in criminology specialising in psycho traumatology and victimology at Paris Descartes University (2016-2017). Furthermore he speaks fluent 6 languages. He actively is involved in humanitarian projects towards Africa in particular those areas of the DRC what are facing the biggest challenges

        Mr Peter van Dam         Chief Executive Officer

Expert in International Business - Trade and Marketing & Sales Management in the fields of Consultancy - Safety - Homeland Security and downstream applications. He coordinates also the connected activities of the company with the Hague Security Delta, the largest security cluster in Europe.

Mr Alex P.M. Pasmans Chairman

Former Presidential Envoy of Guinea Bissau to Belgium (2012-2014) and appointed Honorary Consul of Poland to The Gambia (2015-2016), senior negotiator and executive Business Coach with a strong international track record improving organisational structures, this both profit as well as non-profit structures, optimizing financial results and introducing alternative finance solutions for typically capital intensive large scale projects.

  Mr George Karayannis    Director "Legal & Compliance"

Holds a Law degree from the Democritus University of Thrace (1993-1997) and a Masters in War studies at King’s College London (1997-2000). Besides having been an analyst for the British Parliament Defence Committee (1997-2000), he is attorney for more then 25 years in Business Development.

Mrs Fatoumata Millogo Director - Finance Department

Holds a Master’s degree in Banking Corporate Finance and Securities Law at The Eastern Mediterranean University(2002-2008) and a Masters degree in Microfinance at Solvay Brussels School(2009-2010). She is co-founder of the ‘Pro Investia’ platform for entrepreneurs with a mission to empower African entrepreneurs in the agribusiness sector with strategic partnership opportunities and the necessary management and leadership skills.







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